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Cumulative Hotfixes included in build 870

April 2, 2012

The cumulative hotfix for NetWorker version build 870 has been released. This cumulative hotfix includes the following new fixes:

NW136987: NMC SQL Anywhere temp files has World Writable Permissions

NW136447: DPA reports negative saveset size due to large number provided by networker

NW136785: License Mgr unable to allocate a Cluster client license as a traditional client connection license

NW131790: messages truncated in windows nsrwatch with Japanese Language pack installed

NW133576: Client connection licenses are no longer being used for virtual clients

NW132605: Illegal date format pop up message when updating Expiration time in the Groups Resource via NMC

NW137085: Creating new devices by copy resets some attributes to default values

NW127325: savepnpc:preclntsave executed twice

NW136125: gstd cores after update to 7.6.2 on aix with powerpath installed

NW136935: Concurrent Staging and Cloning : nsrclone loops forever even with:F option

NW136650: nsrvadp_save crashes when backing a VM with *FULL* that has millions of files with FLR enabled

NW132964: lgtolm res corruption occures on license update in prevents bootstrap backup

This build is available now at:


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