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How To Direct NSRadmin Output To A File

April 10, 2010

I would like to share with you this small tricky hint that allows you to direct the output of nsradmin query to a file to be as a report file, here you will find the procedures:

If we say as an example we want to query all the save sets of all the clients associated to the NetWorker server:

1- create two txt files on the C:\ partition (or anywhere you plan to) . one with name Input.txt (That will hold the query commands) and the other is output.txt ( which will handle the output results).
2- Edit the input.txt file with the nsradmin command , In our example it will be the following:
show save set: ; name:
print type: NSR client

(That will shows the client name and its save sets)

Note: the trick here is to add one or two blank lines at
the bottom of this file.

3- Save the input.txt

4- Then from the command prompt navigate to the C:\ prompt and type nsradmin -i input.txt > output.txt ( Just provide the output file path)
5- This will take some while, but after it finishes you will find all the outputs in output.txt file.

Another nsradmin command example can be querying the last successful backup time of each group, that can be done by using the same previous steps buy with the following commands in the input.txt.

show time of the last successful backup: ; name:
print type: NSR group

Hope that this information helped you.


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