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Cumulative Hotfixes included in Build 860

March 5, 2012

Cumulative hotfix includes the following fixes

NW135020 – nsrwatch core dumps 7.6.2


NW133029 – Autochanger unlimited/32767 License is automatically deleted from NLM when the autochanger slots exceed 32767


NW131986 – Nsrexecd core dumps on Windows 2003 backup server after upgrade to NW7.6.2.2


NW135040 – GSTD Core when marking an unlabelled volume readonly


NW134973 – VADP backup failing for clients in DMZ (internal error occurred: libcurl error: Timeout was reached)


NW135221 – nsr_render_log not rendering all required information


NW132517 – Able to re-label WORM volumes


NW129960 – Save.exe uses 99% CPU usage when Avamar node is used for backup on the client


NW134618 – Image recover for VADP backup reports error “Failed to propagate handle”. Recover successful


NW133248 – lgtolmd poll() error: Invalid argument


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