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Cumulative NetWorker hotfix build 689 has been released

November 22, 2011

Cumulative hotfix 7.6.2. 6 includes the following fixes  :

NW131423 – nsrvadp_save crashes during incremental save

NW133164 – JB resource updates result in excessive updates to media database by nsrmmgd daemon

NW129444 – nsrinfo Core dump on Solaris NetWorker server when run against Windows 2008 Clients

NW131688 – NetWorker is not creating the dataset attribute cacheprefix for VADP Avamar deduplication clients

NW132690 – NMO Backup and Restores fail: ‘(Resource temporarily unavailable)’

NW131825 – Scanner fails with error: ‘unexpected file number’

NW132481 – gstd daemon dumps core when NMC GUI is closed

NW133031 – NMC upgrade to Apache 2.2.21 due to Apache vulnerability CVE-2011-3192

NW130276 – savegrp hangs waiting on session

NW128816 – NMC compatibility issues with Java 7 and Java 1.6.0_27 and above

This package is available at:


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