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How to install Networker 7.6.2 client on Debian GNU Linux Or Ubuntu Platforms

February 21, 2012

As Debian GNU Linux &  Ubuntu are not officially supported platforms for NetWorker by EMC, Also there currently is no out of the box install procedure as there is only .rpm install files available from the NetWorker Installation Packages for Linux. So to be able to install NetWorker on Debian GNU or Ubuntu , you have to use a tool like “alian” to convert the .rpm to .deb format, Here is the steps for this UNSUPPORTED installation.

  1. Install alien package converter on the linux box by running the following :

root@bebo:~# apt-get install alien

  1. Extract the NetWorker Package, then Convert the NetWorker client from rpm format to deb format, as rpm :

root@bebo:~# alien lgtoclnt-7.6.2-5.x86_64.rpm

  1. Install the new converted deb package by running the following ( Take care that name will be changed for amd64 for the x64 packages):

root@bebo:~# dpkg -i lgtoclnt_7.6.2-5_amd64.deb

  1. Start the NetWorker client. Which will create the /nsr directory :

root@bebo:~# nsrexecd

  1. Then kill the NetWorker client daemon ( you have to get the Process ID by the ps -ef | grep nsr command )

root@bebo:~# kill PIDof nsrexecd

  1. Create the /nsr/res/servers file under the /nsr/res directory and put inside it the FQDN of the backup server to be like that:

root@bebo:~# cat /nsr/res/servers


7.   Create the /etc/init.d/networker script file under the /etc/init.d directory and paste in it the following script:

#! /bin/sh

# Copyright (c) 1990-2009, EMC Corporation

# All rights reserved.

# Required-Start: syslog network
# Required-Stop: syslog network
# X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start: portmap
# Should-Start: portmap
# Default-Start: 3 5
# Default-Stop: 0 1 2 6
# Description: EMC Networker. A backup and restoration software package.

case $1 in
        (echo 'starting NetWorker daemons:') > /dev/console
        export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
        if [ -f /usr/sbin/nsrexecd ]; then
                if [ -f /usr/sbin/NetWorker.clustersvr ]; then
                        if [ -f /nsr.NetWorker.local -o -h /nsr.NetWorker.local ]; then
                                if [ -h /nsr ]; then
                                        rm -f /nsr
                                        ln -s /nsr.NetWorker.local /nsr
            (/usr/sbin/nsrexecd) > /dev/console 2>&1
            (echo ' nsrexecd') > /dev/console
        if [ -f /usr/sbin/lgtolmd ]; then
            (/usr/sbin/lgtolmd -p /nsr/lic -n 1) > /dev/console 2>&1
            (echo ' lgtolmd') > /dev/console
        if [ -f /usr/sbin/nsrd -a \
             ! -f /usr/sbin/NetWorker.clustersvr ]; then
            (/usr/sbin/nsrd) > /dev/console 2>&1
            (echo ' nsrd') > /dev/console
        (echo 'stopping NetWorker daemons:') > /dev/console
        if [ -f /usr/sbin/nsr_shutdown ]; then
            if [ -f /usr/sbin/NetWorker.clustersvr ]; then
                (/usr/sbin/nsr_shutdown -q) > /dev/console 2>&1
                (echo ' nsr_shutdown -q') > /dev/console
                (/usr/sbin/nsr_shutdown -q) > /dev/console 2>&1
                (echo ' nsr_shutdown -q') > /dev/console
        if [ -f /usr/sbin/nsr_shutdown ]; then
            /usr/sbin/nsr_shutdown -l
        echo "usage: `basename $0` {start|stop|status}"

8.   Run the following command to update the rc script of that client:

root@bebo:~# update-rc.d networker defaults

9.  Start the NetWorker client process again:

root@bebo:~# nsrexecd

NOW, you have NetWorker running on Debian GNU or Ubuntu platforms , but still it is UNSUPPORTED by EMC.


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  1. F MOD permalink

    Hi everybody,

    thanks for your page, I’ve found many informations and the procedure is working pretty well.

    For the update-rc.d command, I’d suggest to use the following command instead of yours (that is default oriented) in order to select in which runlevel we need to active / deactivate networker : update-rc.d networker start 20 3 5 . stop 80 0 1 2 4 6 .


    • F MOD permalink

      Oh, another thing to add to this procedure : the /etc/init.d/networker file must be given 755 permissions (user : root and group : root) in order to allow execution of the file.

  2. what configuration is needed on server side? it says client not properly configured on the server.

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